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Repatriation Funeral Services in Sydney

Like all of our funeral services, we are happy to assist in all elements of the service, in order for the family to simply attend the service. This is no different for Repatriation services. Our Ladies will organise the flight tickets, speak to the registry of births and deaths, go to the consulate, and resolve all paperwork on behalf of your family member or friend. 

If the deceased is being transported domestically, then the body is able to travel by train, motor vehicle or aircraft - which is most common in support of cultural and religious services for the departed. 

When the deceased is being transported internationally, there are certain preperations to be made in line with the receiving country, legislation and the requirements of the transporting carrier. 

An experienced funeral director should be involved when needing repatriation services. Having someone assist you who is familiar with all the legal processes allows you to focus on family and processing in a healthy way. 

Your chosen repatriation funeral director will liase with a funeral director that is local to the body of the deceased and ensure that your loved one is in the hands of a specialist. The repatriation funeral director will support your funeral director with all necessary paperwork and liaise with the Embassy, police, hospital and the Coroner if necessary. They will also prepare the body for transit, transfer the body to the location of departure and ensure contact is made with your funeral director in Sydney at every step of the process.

The funeral arrangements, including cremation and burial services will be handled by your funeral director here in Sydney.  They will maintain contact with you and the family at all times on behalf of the repatriation funeral director and the service here in Australia. 

You are able to use any Funeral Director to host a service for the deceased once they have arrived into Australia, though to bring the body into the country, you require the assistance of a Funeral Director who offers repatriation services. 

Not all funeral directors will offer repatriation services, as a special casket must be prepared for travel, either into or outside of Australia.

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Repatriation From Australia

Sending a family member offshore to rest can be a difficult and overwhelming experience with legal, language and emotional barriers to break down. We can assist you in transporting your loved one home from Sydney using repatriation services.  

Areas of support include:  

  • Legal and documentation.
  • Liase with foreign and Australian government on your behalf.
  • Preparation of your loved one's remains for travel.


Our ladies are able to assist you with any and all services, including emergency repatriation services.


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