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A cremation service can be a highly personal service, often referred to as a memorial.

Cremation services and memorial options

A cremation memorial can be held after the body has been processed and is often less formal than a funeral. A memorial can act similarly to a funeral service, but instead of having the body present, the cremated remains will be present. Sometimes a memorial service will happen post the scattering of remains or the permanent resting place of the cremated remains has been placed in a mausoleum or buried in a memorial garden. The choice is that of the person who has passed, or the family of the deceased.


Is cremation cheaper than burial?

This will depend on the services you would like to accompany the passing. Speak directly with our Lady Funeral Directors to discuss what you would like to include in the service or memorial.

How much does it cost to be cremated?

The cost of cremation varies dramatically dependent on the type of cremation and the location of the crematorium.  Each cremation service can vary in the wishes of the family, so obtaining cost information from your funeral home of choice is the best way to gauge appropriate costs.

Can I be there when the cremation takes place?

You may be able to make arrangements to attend the committal of the coffin or casket into the cremator. You will need to check with your funeral director to ensure this service is offered by the crematorium.

Will the coffin be cremated?

The coffin is a very important part of the cremation process. There is a metal nameplate attached to the coffin which will stay with the remains until the completion of the process to ensure the identity of the cremated is proven.

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