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Cremation Services In Sydney

Cremation is a popular choice in Australia, with over 60% of people opting to be cremated. At Lady Anne Funerals our compassionate, family focussed team carefully monitor the whole cremation process, working closely with family members to ensure it runs smoothly. We can assist you with planning a memorial or funeral service as soon as a death certificate is issued. To apply for a cremation you also need to provide a statutory declaration.
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Cremation Memorial Options

A funeral service can be held before or after the cremation process. You may decide to hold a formal funeral service, with the body of your loved one present in a casket, before the cremation process begins.

Others opt to hold a memorial after the body is cremated. This can be a good option for families who need more funeral planning time.

A memorial after cremation can be either a traditional service with the cremated ashes present in an urn instead of the usual coffin, or a more casual memorial held as the remains are placed or scattered in their final resting place.

We can help you plan highly personalised memorial services which reflect the character and life of your loved one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cremation takes about 90 minutes at a temperature of 750 to 900 degrees celsius. After the initial phase is completed, the cremated remains are moved to a metal container and cooled. The remains are then processed into what we call ashes and transferred to a sealed container.
Often cremation is cheaper than burial as it cuts out the cost of a burial plot, ornamental coffin and burial itself. However this depends on the services you would like to engage. Speak with one of our funeral directors or get an instant quote to work out which services you’d like to include.  
View our cremation pricing on our funeral costs document. We recommend using our instant quote tool to estimate the cost of the perfect funeral service for your loved one. 
Yes, a wooden casket is an important part of the cremation process. A metal nameplate is attached to the coffin to ensure the identity of the cremated is proven.
Yes, we can arrange for you to attend the committal of the coffin or casket into the cremator. This is called witness insertion, and involves an admin fee.
Yes, we offer ‘no service, no attendance’ cremations. This involves picking up the body from the place of death, arranging all paperwork, liaising with the crematorium and registering the death. Ashes will be available for collection at a time suitable for your family.

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