Choosing A Non Traditional Funeral Venue In Sydney

Choosing A Non Traditional Funeral Venue In Sydney

When we lose someone we love, it doesn’t seem right to give them a farewell that isn’t perfectly personalised to them. There should be no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ funeral - as there are no two people that are the same. Honouring those we love with a life celebration befitting to their personality, their quirks, their loves, and what we loved about them, is at the core of what a good funeral parlour should offer to those preparing to say goodbye.

Often times religion plays a large role in the way we pay respects to the life of a loved one. For those who didn’t identify strongly with religion, it can be difficult to know how to plan a funeral that feels like it was perfectly paired to them.

There are a range of options for relatives and friends who are organising a non religious funeral service. Highly personalised services can be customised to suit the unique spirit of the deceased - starting with a Sydney funeral venue that identifies with them perfectly.


Choosing a Sydney funeral venue for your memorial


There are several funeral venues in Sydney that are available to you when planning a personalised service for your loved one. There are some considerations to make when choosing which is best suited to your style of service. If you are hesitant to host a service in a chapel, funeral home or cemetery, there are options available to you.

Why not host a unique memorial service at:

  • Your local RSL
  • Surf Club
  • Nature reserves/national parks that are sentimental
  • Parks
  • Golf and football clubs of significance
  • Beaches and foreshores
  • Family homes and backyards
  • Farms and rural areas
  • River banks
  • Community halls

Most of these options are familiar with hosting funeral or memorial services and can facilitate your needs on the day. Ensure you are happy with the standard of service you are receiving when making custom choices for your loved one’s life celebration and that you are getting the support you need from the venue.


Some factors to consider before confirming with a venue:

  • The size of the venue
  • The attendee count
  • If any permits are required
  • What the weather is likely to do on the day
  • Catering requirements if hosting a wake in the same location
  • Transport to and from if necessary (both guests and if the body will be transported)

If you are looking for somewhere in the Ryde area for a funeral venue set amongst nature, you’re able to apply using this form for permission to host your event. For a lasting memorial for your loved one you are able to apply for a plaque to be placed in the same area as the service as a long term reminder.

If you are looking to host a life celebration in one of Ryde’s community centre of halls, you are able to apply for permission using this form.


To get you started, here is small list of outdoor venues for life celebration memorial services in the north west and western Sydney areas:

  • Elizabeth Farm, Rosehill
  • Bicentennial Park
  • Eden Gardens, North Ryde
  • The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay, Glebe
  • Banjo Paterson Park, Ryde
  • Mort Bay Park, Birchgrove
  • Pioneer Memorial Park, Leichhardt
  • Cabarita Park, Canada Bay
  • The Botanic Gardens, Sydney
  • Observatory Hill, Sydney
  • Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour
  • Bradfield Park, Kirribilli
  • Sydney Harbour National Park, Sydney


It can be made easier to organise a non religious funeral service in Sydney for your loved one with the help and support of the right funeral parlour. To make your loved one’s service truly personal, we have put together a guide to assist you. You can download your free copy of the Life Celebration Planning Guide below.



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