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We provide supportive assistance that will help reduce your burden of arranging a funeral.

 The first thing we need is a copy of the Death Certificate. In the case of an expected or natural cause of death, a doctor will need to sign a Death Certificate. If the death occurs at home, and had seen a doctor in the last 6 months, the family doctor should be called to issue the Death Certificate.

If the death occurs in a private hospital or nursing home, the nursing staff will contact the doctor for you. If someone dies in a public hospital, the attending doctor will issue the certificate.

If none of the above applies to the death of your loved one, for example, the death was an accident, suicide or result of foul play then you must first call the police who will then submit a report to the State Coroner. There are a number of circumstances when the police will still need to be called which you can read about on our What to do next page.

Our ladies are professional Funeral Director’s and are happy to liaise with the Coroner’s Department on your behalf, simply call us after you have notified the police.


It can be an emotional time for families, and I personally invest a lot of energy to ensure it's the perfect send off for the deceased. Ensuring that the tone is always as requested and assisting with achieving "the celebration of a lifetime". As a result of careful planning and flexibility with both traditional services and very personalised ceremonies, each service I deliver is unique and individual.

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funeral arrangements

We have planned beautiful funeral services for countless families all over Sydney from many different religious and cultural backgrounds including Roman Catholic, Protestant, Church of jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Buddhist, Orthodox, Jehovah’s Witness, Hindu, Masonic Lodge and RSL.

Even if your family is not religious, we can still assist you with the funeral arranging to include elements such as beautiful floral preparations, music and songs, and speeches from friends and family to celebrate the life of your loved one.

This is an option used by many families, regardless of the health or age of the loved one and is a great way to relieve financial and organisational burden from those left behind.

If you’re thinking about prepaid funeral arrangements then we are more than happy to help you figure the details out and you can be more than confident that any money invested into your prepaid funeral arrangements will be kept secure and safe.

Read a little more on why you should be considering a prepaid funeral service.

funeral arrangements

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