Are There Alternatives To Burial And Cremation?

Are There Alternatives To Burial And Cremation?

Nobody enjoys thinking about their own funeral or the funeral of another but it is an unfortunate reality for all of us. The inevitability of death means that funerals are something that we should consider at some point during our lives. Even though everyone passes on, how everybody decides to have their remains processed is entirely up to them. With the diversity we have as people, we are equally as diverse in practices able to be offered to us in our passing. Alternatives to burial and cremation aren't commonly discussed as these are the two standard choices in Western society. We would like to be able to help you assess the best option for you and your family and are open to helping with non traditional funeral arrangements.

Apart from cremation and burial there are various ways to lay a loved one to rest and pay tribute to them. Whether it be a specific way of dealing with ashes or a different method of preserving a body after death, Lady Anne funerals has listed some alternatives to burial and cremation which may seem a little strange compared to the traditional but are being discussed more frequently in recent times.


A few alternatives to burial include:


Natural burial

One alternative to burial is the natural version of the common burial process. Natural burial doesn't use the traditional embalming processes and allows natural decomposition to take place. A natural burial is preferred by some because it avoids formaldehyde making its way into the soil and avoids the issue of landfill associated with large coffins. This kind of process isn’t allowed everywhere so some research will need to be conducted to know if this an option.


Organ and tissue donation

This entails donating one’s whole body to medical research and is seen as a way of giving back to future generations. Organs can be used to prolong the life of those who need them. There are a number of Universities which use cadavers for research and education purposes. This alternative to burial or cremation means you are able to help others.



This is a more environmentally friendly alternative to cremation. Rather than burning the body of the deceased this method entails using heated water and alkali substances to decompose the body . The body is dissolved using the combination of high pressure and high temperature. The remaining ashes of the bones of the deceased are then returned to the family.



Cryonics is an alternative to burial that involves freezing the body in hope that medicine will one day make it possible to revive the deceased with mind and body intact. This practice comes with a large price tag of up to $200,000. This method is offered by Stasis Systems Australia.


Turn your ashes into diamonds

While all life inevitably ends, diamonds are forever. Multiple companies offer a service which can turn cremated ashes into certified diamonds. It's a rather glamorous and sentimental alternative to burial. The diamonds can be used to create rings, necklaces or other pieces of jewellery to act as an eternal memento of a loved one.


Become part of a coral reef

Eternal Reefs offers for your ashes to be placed in a memorial reef. Not only will the remains be part of an underwater reef for eternity but the process also helps to support reef ecology.The artificial reef material is created from concrete and human remains and is then placed in areas where reefs need restoration. At this stage the only organisation that offers this kind of burial is located in Florida.


While some of these alternatives to burial and cremation may seem odd, others are imaginative ways to honour and remember a loved one. If you haven’t chosen how you wish to treat your remains, the choice regarding burial alternatives is up to your loved ones. The choice that’s made should reflect the wishes of the deceased as well as the person they were. While death is distressing, the passing of a loved one is also a reason to celebrate a life.

Lady Anne recognises that everybody deals with grief differently and we each have personal preferences when it comes to celebrating a life. Your funeral home can help you with all of your funeral needs, ease your burden and help you through what is often a difficult time.


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