The Cost Of Cremation - Is It The Only Factor To Consider?

The Cost Of Cremation - Is It The Only Factor To Consider?

Life is different in the 21st century. From the invention of cars, mobile phones and computers, to the evolution of our jobs and lifestyle; - we really are looking at a different world. Over time, the things that we value the most have changed with respect to our families, our work, travel, our homes and the overall cost of the environmental impact of our choices.

These things impact every part of our lives. In fact, they even influence our post life preferences. Did you know that more than half of the citizens in Australia choose cremation for their loved ones or themselves? So if you’re thinking about getting your will in order, organising your funeral in advance or getting ready for retirement, it’s time to consider the 3 biggest reasons why people prefer cremation.


1. Cost

The least expensive way to process a body is cremation. For some families, the cost of cremation is the ultimate deciding factor on how to farewell their loved ones. However, be mindful that the process cost is not the same as a farewell service.The service you might like to have to accompany the processing of your body could cost a similar amount to a traditional burial, in addition to the cost of the cremation. If you’re unsure of the costs involved, utilise the services of an experienced lady funeral director for assistance - they can help plan a cremation service for your loved one, or prepare ahead for yourself

Our ladies can guide you through your options for a memorial service. You might choose to have your memorial somewhere like an RSL, a park or other area in the natural environment that is special to you. The service itself can be informal or formal, hosted by a lady funeral director or conducted in a more intimate setting with just your family and close friends.


Factors to consider in cremation costs:

  • cremation service
  • witness services
  • body preparation
  • accompanying urn, burial vessel, burial plot or placement
  • memorial service
  • flowers, music, microphone and speakers and associated memorial service costs
  • assistance or hosting
  • other costs of personalisation (which are up to you).

If you plan on being cremated and hadn’t yet considered the cremation memorial service costs, it’s a good idea to speak to a lady funeral director to understand the financial value of your post life preferences and establish a prepaid funeral plan to ensure your family aren’t left with the bill.


2. Environmental choice

The cost of cremation isn’t always the biggest reason people choose cremation. Concerns about our environment are leading the way in some peoples choices in their post life preferences. Though it has an environmental impact, cremation is still considered a “greener” choice than burial. The space required to bury a body is often the concern for those who wish to be environmentally friendly in their passing. When you consider the land requirement and processing involved with a burial to ensure the body is safe and doesn’t become a biohazard, the greener choice is clear: it’s cremation every time. The fact that cremation costs can be cheaper is just a bonus.


3. Flexibility

If you are struggling to decide between cremation or burial, maybe flexibility will be the deciding factor for you. With our families living all over the globe, and technology like Facetime and Skype keeping us ‘closer together’, it can be odd to consider the permanence of a final resting place. It’s important to think about how your family might feel about your service and how they might like to feel close to you when making your choice to be cremated.

Being cremated means you can be buried in a memorial garden or placement, have your ashes scattered, or be kept in a vessel with your family.The right answer for you will be different for others, but it is an important choice to consider before making your final decision.

When a death has occurred suddenly or in the event of a child’s passing, it’s common for families to remain undecided on a final resting place for weeks, months and even years. Cremation can provide those left behind with less time pressure to decide on a permanent resting place in a rush.


Are you feeling any more decisive in your post life preferences? It can be an impossible decision to make, so we created this handy questionnaire to help you think through your Passing Preferences. You can click on the link below to go through to the quiz, and when you are finished, print a copy to attach to your will and prepaid funeral plan.

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