Types Of Cremation Memorials

Types Of Cremation Memorials

Celebrating a life that has passed can be very difficult. It can happen slowly over time or in the blink of an eye, but no matter what, it sure feels fast to have to organise cremation memorials. If you are planning to utilise cremation services, you might not be aware of the different options available to you to memorialise your loved one.

At Lady Anne Funerals, we can assist you with the organisation of your loved ones cremation memorial service and help guide you through making the right decisions for your family in how you want to  their remains. Here are some of the options you might like to consider for your special person.


Celebration of life

A celebration of life service is similar to a funeral, though there is no casket or viewing of the body. This memorial is often held after the cremation memorial services have occurred and is a relaxed approach to remembering the deceased. The cremains are either present in an urn or vessel, or are absent and in their resting place already. A celebrant or funeral director can hold a service including photo slideshow, music, readings and accommodate any other special requirements to truly memorialise your loved one. These services can be hosted both in and outdoors.


Funeral before cremation

Some families opt to have a funeral with their loved ones body present in a casket before having them cremated. This can be a helpful service for family members to say a final farewell to the person before having the body cremated. A ‘funeral before cremation’ service operates as freely as any funeral and you are able to include special memories, photos, music and a eulogy as you wish. A lady funeral director can coordinate these elements for you.

After the funeral service and the cremation process, the remains of your loved one will be handed back to your family. You may like to keep them with you in your home, or memorialise them through your own private ceremony. Here are some of the ways families may choose to say goodbye to their loved ones.


Memorial service for the burial of the ashes

A memorial can be held after the cremation memorial services have taken place. Some popular choices families make for their loved ones final resting place include:

Planted tree with plaque

This option creates a unique living memorial to your loved one, while still having the ability to be visited for generations to come.

Placed in a mausoleum

A mausoleum is a personal preference, considered for single bodies and available for use by whole families. When cremated, the remains of the deceased are placed in an urn called a Columbarium.

Burial of the ashes in a cemetery

This option allows you a place to visit and leave flowers. A common choice for families who wish to be buried together after they are cremated.

Scattering ceremony

A scattering ceremony can occur alongside the other options above, or stand alone as a very casual and personal approach to saying goodbye.


Often a special place is chosen by the family of the deceased, or the deceased themselves and a small informal ceremony is held to scatter the ashes. It’s important to check with your local council before scattering the ashes of your loved one as their are some rules around releasing in public places.


Planning cremation memorials and choosing the right services for your loved one can feel overwhelming. Allow an experienced lady funeral director to assist you with making the right decision to celebrate the life of your special person. We are contactable to discuss service options and support you through this difficult time.

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