7 Ways To Personalise A Funeral Service

7 Ways To Personalise A Funeral Service

When someone passes we often reflect on the wonderful traits that made them the person they are. These are the things we want family, friends and the community to have a lasting memory of when it comes to a funeral service. 

Here are 7 ways to personalise a funeral service for your loved one:

1. Was your loved one religious?

If your loved one and family practice a particular religion, the service can follow the requirements or religious customs. Your funeral director can tailor a service in a particular way to incorporate religious elements requested by the family of the deceased.

Particular religious services can vary based on scripture readings, psalms, hymns, blessings, vigils, rites, sermons, ceremonies, reciting verses and chanting.

Speak to your funeral director about what religious elements you would like to include in the service.


2. Music and Visuals

A really great way to personalise a funeral service is through the use of music and visuals. If your loved one had a favourite song/s you can request for it to be used in the service, when the coffin and attendees are leaving or even at the wake.

If wanting to use music but struggling to decide on an appropriate song, you can find some inspiration here.

As with music, videos and photographs can be used within the funeral service. It’s a really simple and expressive way to make use of the great photos and videos you have, to give a lasting memory of your loved one. This can be done through slideshow or video montage (which can also be accompanied with music). Speak to your funeral director about organising a visual presentation.


3. Floral Display

Different floral displays and arrangements can be used as a way to personalise a funeral service. At the family’s request, funeral homes can arrange for the deceased’s favourite flowers to be displayed based on shape or colour.

Perhaps a close family member or friend can participate in the funeral by placing flowers on the coffin or display as a tribute.


4. Was your loved one a member of a certain club or association?

If your loved one was a member of a certain club or association, you can arrange for the members to attend or even speak at the service to show support for the deceased.

This can be a really good way of letting those who knew your loved one, to recall the passion, interests and fond memories they had.


5. Ex-service person

If the deceased was an ex-service person, the funeral can be arranged so that it is incorporated into the service. This can be done either through the placement of a flag over the coffin, arrangements of Poppy flowers, a guard of honour or even playing ‘The Last Post’ within the service.


6. Green Funerals service

Becoming increasingly popular, is the specification of a ‘Green Funeral’. If your loved one was an environmentalist and has requested, there are ways in which you can organise an eco- friendly funeral service.

Use recycled paper for the programs, flowers sourced from organic and local growers, caskets and coffins made from simple wood and direct donations can be made to an eco-charity.


7. Incorporate humour and fondness into the eulogy

One of the best ways to reflect on someones life is to focus on the positive and happy times they shared with family and friends. If the deceased was known for their bubbly personality, perhaps light humour and fondness can be used in the eulogy as a tribute. If you're having trouble writing a eulogy you can learn how to write one here.

Hopefully these tips will help and provide some inspiration to those looking to personalise a funeral service for a loved individual. It can be a lovely gesture to the deceased to tailor their funeral service to reflect their life.


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