Choosing Flowers For A Funeral Service

Choosing Flowers For A Funeral Service

Using flowers to celebrate the life of a loved one can be dated back as customary to some of the earliest civilisations. Something beautiful and representative of new life and the grandness of nature is a very fitting decoration for a memorial service. Nowadays funeral flowers are used as visual expressions of love, sympathy and respect.

It can be hard to know what’s appropriate for the service when choosing flowers for a funeral. When arranging a funeral service there are many details to organise. To make it easier to decide, our ladies at Lady Anne Funerals have teamed up with Jo Csabanko from Sydney Flowers to provide you with guidance on choosing the right flowers when making your funeral arrangements. We’ve included some of our favourite flowers and their meanings to give you some traditional choices when picking your funeral flower arrangements.


Popular choices for flowers for a funeral service are:



choosing flowers for a funeral service - white-rose

The Rose is a traditional favourite for celebrating life. As all flowers, it is symbolic of new life, though the colour of the bloom is the key to which message you might like to reflect your loved ones life.

  • Red Roses symbolise love, respect, and romance. Associated with beauty and perfection, the red Rose has always been a clear way to say “I love you”.
  • Pink Roses are a symbol of love, gratitude, appreciation, grace and elegance.
  • Dark Crimson Roses represent grief and sorrow and are frequently used in farewelling a loved one.
  • The White Rose represents spirituality, and new beginnings for the deceased.


choosing flowers for a funeral service - azalea

The Azalea flower is the funeral flower of choice to be given to celebrate a loved Mother, daughter, sister or Grandmothers. Fragility, femininity, womanhood and softness are the key attributes of the Azalea.



choosing flowers for a funeral service - camellia

The symbolic flower of young lovers, the Camellia is a token for expressing long-lasting devotion to each other. Often used in the funeral of a spouse.



choosing flowers for a funeral service -carnation

The Carnation has a long lasting fragrance and is a popular choice for funeral arrangements. As with Roses, the Carnation is most symbolic in reference to its colour.

  • Red Carnations symbolise admiration
  • Pink Carnations are a token of remembrance
  • White Carnations are of devotion, pure love, innocence


choosing flowers for a funeral service - chrysanthemum

In some European countries, chrysanthemums are used solely as funeral flowers. Chrysanthemums are second in popularity only to roses. The large textured blooms can accompany other flowers or stand alone in an arrangement and they are available year round.



choosing flowers for a funeral service - daffodil

The Daffodil is a beautiful choice of flower for a funeral service, as its happy yellow colour celebrates the concept of rebirth and new beginnings for the deceased. A daffodil is believed to bring hope to a person grieving or unhappy. Also known as the Narcissus flower after the Greek God of the same name who was the symbol of unrequited love.



choosing flowers for a funeral service - daisy

Representing of innocence, purity and cheerfulness - the humble daisy is a beautiful flower for a funeral service. The daisy accompanies other flowers well to incorporate the language of flowers into your funeral service and final arrangements.



choosing flowers for a funeral service - lily

Commonly associated with funeral services, the Lily symbolises innocence that has been restored to the soul of the deceased. White oriental lilies are the most traditional choice to celebrate a life with their history as they are large bloomed and very fragrant. The oriental lily is elegant and romantic.



choosing flowers for a funeral service - lilac

The Lilac is representative of the first lover, and of youthful innocence so is often used in the funeral arrangements for a lover. The lilac colour is also associated with royal mourning historically, and is considered luxurious and oppulent.

If you know which flowers you would like to use for the funeral service, but would like to know what style of arrangements to order or more information on choosing flowers for a funeral, a complete guide to funeral flowers is available on the Sydney Flowers blog.


If you are planning a funeral, be sure to download our easy to use funeral checklist below. If you would like help with arranging the funeral for your loved one, contact our ladies at Lady Anne funerals to have the service organised in perfect detail and less stress for you in your time of need.


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Some of the families we've helped

“I just wanted to send you our sincerest thanks for everything you and your incredible team did for us in making the most perfect day, celebration and farewell of our beautiful Harper.

I have given a lot of thought to your business and the industry and I think it is perhaps the most important business for families to get it right when it comes to planning a funeral which may be sudden or may be a long time in the making. Either way, when one is faced with the unfortunate situation of needing to arrange a funeral, only then do you realise the importance of getting it right.

We experienced first hand the polar opposites the industry offers. It is not just about the cars, the booklets, the music and all the things that make up the day - its about the service, the care and most importantly it’s about the people.

From our very first conversation we could sense your genuine care to our situation and your attention to detail was obvious - this was very different to the previous conversations we had with others we had been referred to. Those other companies wanted to commence meetings with the paperwork side of things upfront which is a very confronting thing to do just days after losing your loved one - and when one of the others that I am referencing couldn’t even refernece our daughters name as our meeting started - we were horrified of how poor the service of care could be.

This is where you and your team shine. After feeling very lost in our search to secure the perfect funeral director to create the perfect day, my wife all of a sudden recalled you standing out the front of your office each morning watering the surrounding gardens to ensure a beautiful front of house. Well, I can assure you, it is not just the front of house that is beautiful - its the entire package that is beautiful.

Your manner, your direction and your expertise is evident from the get go. Nothing is too hard for you or your amazing team. The personal care made us feel like we were the only funeral you were working with at the time, and that’s exactly how it should be.

The finer detail, such as driving past our house so our daughter could go past our house one last time, then leaving the most beautiful flowers on our doorstep, to bumping into us at the Church because you were just doing your own research to make sure the day was seamless. This combined with your recommendations from every aspect as everything was very foreign to us, you were able to guide us to achieve the most beautiful farewell.

The day itself was simply perfect. Not once did we have a concern. The car was shining, your team dressed beautifully, cold water provided for us, directions for our guests, directions for us. Everyone commented on how amazing the day was and how incredibly your team were. Seamless is the only word I can use. It doesn’t stop here.

Your personal care and guidance then allowed us a more intimate farewell the following day (we are so grateful for for this recommendation and possibly would have missed this special day if you had suggested it was the best idea). Again, you and your team made us feel like you had nowhere else to be, and no one else to help. Just us. The setting was beautiful, the celebrant (that you arrange and recommend) is a delightful, your team make this day even more special than the last.

This is something we never want to go through again but there will be so many others, that like us, have no idea where to start to look for the right funeral director for their own special day. All I can say is that I hope that they appoint Lady Anne Funerals. We learnt a lot quickly and it is again a business many do not ever consider needing but without question one of the most important businesses to select the right person and the right team.

I welcome any of your future potential clients to contact me if they wish to discuss our experience with the amazing Lady Anne team. We thank you for giving our beautiful baby the most incredible farewell that was exactly how we imagined it, you just made it happen.”

Lee Dowdall

“We wish to thank you for having helped us put together a beautiful farewell for our mother, one which she would have been delighted with.

It was a difficult day and it would have been worse without your synchronised, seamless and consistent presence as well as attention to detail.

We value your candour as the people you are and the very sensitive manner in which you conducted the service.

Thanking you from the bottom of our hearts,

The Pastore Family
Karen has supported my Mum and me through the most difficult week of our lives as we not only planned a funeral, but interred my Dad to his new home. I will be forever grateful to Karen for her ongoing support, guidance, kindness, empathy and friendship over the last week. Karen has now become part of our extended circle of close family friends.
Daughter of the late Sveta Dordevich
Lady Anne Funerals has the compassion, understanding and empathy that many of the larger funeral homes do not possess. My aunts funeral was dignified and classy everything she deserved. I would highly recommend Lady Anne (and have) as they go above and beyond.
Joanne Marks
I am overwhelmed with the feedback on how beautiful it all was from all who attended. You and the other ladies were wonderful, looked so elegant, and made the day so very special for all who loved Paul.
Barbara Sommerville Enright
Karen and her staff treated us with the utmost respect we could not have been in better hands during this difficult time. My mum had organised her funeral with a prepaid funeral plan which she had purchased from Karen almost ten years ago this also made this upsetting time much easier to deal with and she got all the things that she wished for.
Malcolm Ellis
On behalf of my family, I would like to thank Lady Anne Funerals for a beautiful service yesterday for my aunt Dot. All who attended commented on how lovely the service was & the professionalism of all the staff. Thanks again very much for helping making a sad day one of celebration of Dot’s life.
Judith Neville

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