Personalising Your Prepaid Funeral Plans

Personalising Your Prepaid Funeral Plans

Planning your own funeral is a confronting topic that we would all rather avoid. Dealing with the concept of death, let alone our own can be disconcerting and unnatural. While putting plans in place is certainly beneficial, we do understand that the process can be hard to deal with. At Lady Anne Funerals we will assist you with personalising your prepaid funeral plans in a sensitive and compassionate manner.

It’s important to us that the ceremony that celebrates your life reflects you personally and we are dedicated to ensuring your wishes are met. There are a number of reasons to personalise your funeral and rather than being a morbid topic we believe it’s a way to make your final goodbye distinctively you.


Protect your family from added distress during a difficult time

Many people organise their prepaid funeral to reduce the emotional stress felt by their family at the time of their passing. By choosing what will be included in the ceremony as well as the venue, flowers and burial arrangements you can make the funeral a memorial to them of all the things you are and will be for them even in your passing.

The service will offer your loved ones peace of mind that the ceremony is exactly the way you would have wanted it because you have put it together yourself. It will be a ceremony that truly reflects you and can even be seen by your loved ones as your personalised, final goodbye.


Ensure your exact wishes are carried out

When you make decisions for your prepaid funeral with Lady Anne Funerals we will ensure that all of your specific wishes are carried out. Many of our clients want to be certain that their family feels loved during their final moments saying good bye and they also want their funeral to be a celebration of life rather than a sad time. By making decisions about music, floral arrangements, decorations for the venue and the contents of the ceremony you can ensure that the funeral reflects you and your life before you are laid to rest.

 Personalise your prepaid funeral in a way that reflects who you are, from a favourite song to specific photos of you and your loved ones. It’s those little things you can decide on in advance to make your funeral a special service.


Financially, it makes sense

By making all of your choices now and prepaying the arrangements you can fix the price of your funeral at today's costs (subject to specific contractual terms). The money you pay is held by a private entity meaning that your prepaid arrangements are safe and will be honoured as per the contractual agreement that you organise with our ladies at Lady Anne Funerals.

Any money paid into the your prepaid funeral plan is not subject to the income or assets test for the age pension (according to current legislation). This means that by personalising your prepaid funeral you can make sure that money is put away and not included in your assets.

If you want to learn more about our prepaid funeral plans please get in contact with one of the ladies at Lady Anne Funerals. We believe that when it comes to celebrating life it sometimes requires the sensitivity of a woman’s touch. The ladies at Lady Anne provide their personal and compassionate service to make a difficult process a little easier.

We're here to help

Lady Anne Funerals is here to support and assist your family through what can be a difficult time, with a ladies touch. 

We are available to discuss a range of services to support your family, including: 

  • Personalised memorial services
  • Cremation and burial services
  • Religious services catering to all faith's
  • No service, no attendance 

Please get in touch - night or day - via the form or you can call us on the number below.

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