Poppy Knitting / Crocheting - A Ryde Community Highlight

Poppy Knitting / Crocheting - A Ryde Community Highlight

From 2014 and right through to 2018, as part of the Ryde Remembers program, a number of projects and events are held as recommended by the Centenary of ANZAC and Commemoration of WW1 Committee. The first calendar event for 2015, is the Poppy knitting/crocheting and dedication day held at Eastwood Library, Cnr Hillview Road and West Parade, Eastwood on the 21st February.


When and where has the poppy been used?

Since World War One a red poppy has been a traditional symbol of remembrance, being the first flower that bloomed in the devastated battlefields of France, Belgium and Gallipoli. The Red Poppy has special significance for Australians and is worn on Remembrance Day,11th November and ANZAC day, 25th April.

Read more about the importance of the red poppy to Australians

The upcoming TV series Gallipoli set to be aired this year gives insight into the battle the ANZAC troops fought on the 25th April, 1915 and marks the centenary of the ANZAC landings. Take a look at the trailer below:



Who can join and participate?

Attendees are able to come down and knit or crochet a poppy that will go towards the Ryde’s Centenary of Anzac 2000 poppies project, or simply come down for a cup to tea and donate to a good cause. Beginners are welcome and patterns, needles and yarn is provided.

Each Poppy dedicated requires a gold coin donation to Legacy, a charity that supports Australian families suffering financially and socially after the incapacitation or death or a spouse or parent during and after their defence force service.

All are welcome to come and participate.


Why events like this are great for the community

There are many different reasons events like this can be great for the community. One of these being the awareness created for younger generations who may not know the ANZAC history or understand the significance of the poppy.

It is also a great opportunity for the community to show continued remembrance of those who were lost in WW1 and WW2. As time goes on we can often forget the sacrifices our ancestors made for us, so its important to acknowledge them at the given opportunity.

An event like this can be great as it brings the community together for a good cause. There may be members of the Ryde community and surrounding suburbs who haven’t gotten the chance to meet and socialise and would love to contribute the Ryde Remembers project together.


Why this event could help with the grieving process (even decades on)

Lady Anne Funerals understands the grieving process can be extremely difficult and there are many different ways in which people choose to grieve. There are different reasons an event like this may help with the grieving process even if it has been years since you lost a loved one.

An event such as this can give the opportunity for those who never got to meet their ancestor/s a chance to remember and mourn them. Although you may or may not have even met your relative who was lost in wartime, contributing to a project such as this can be a lovely tribute to them.

When grieving, people can sometimes take comfort through helping others. By participating and donating to a project such as this, it may soften the grieving process for an individual experiencing loss. Because it is also an open community event, it also allows those currently going through the grieving process a chance to interact and therefore not feel isolated during this testing time in your life.


What other events will be held?

The poppy knitting and crocheting started in November last year (2014) and will continue to run until ANZAC Day this year.

Some of the other great initiatives in the program include the Ryde Remembers interactive honour board, and the street sign project which will identify street signs with WW1 links and a remembrance walk that includes a series of plaques in ANZAC park highlighting the history and involvement of residents or Ryde during WW1.


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